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MODULE 3 – Protocol – Confidentiality – Etiquette

MODULE 3 – Introduction

Hello Dear Designers and Architects,

Congratulations, you’ve passed the exam for module 2, so you can now start module 3!

What you will learn in Module 3 is just as important and will make you the best version of yourself. Your behavior and attitude toward your customers and colleagues will define you as a professional throughout your career in all areas. You’ll learn all the proper techniques of etiquette and protocol to refine your approach to them for your daily business life. The “art de vivre” exists to make the world a better place and, in turn, make business dealings and relationships less complicated, more endurable, and pleasant.

First, I’ll introduce myself and the Course by including my bio and the Protocol & Etiquette course plan, which you can read here.

Michele Mentink Bio

Etiquette & Protocol Course


Now, I invite you to start with lesson 3.1.