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MODULE 1 – Introduction


Hello Designers and Architects, welcome to MODULE 1!

In this first module, we will describe the modules of your Design Master Class, and introduce you to your Instructors.

You will learn about the definition of true Luxury and how the application of Luxury manifests itself in the Private Jet environment.

You will also learn one of the most important things in the private jet industry, the importance of signing an NDA with your colleagues and employers, and see different kinds of Contracts according to the Customer’s requests or your position with your Client or Employer.

We will go over a list of Private Jet manufacturers and Private Jet refurbishers, and we will look at the types of jobs available in the corporate aircraft industry and in the space industry and the definitions of the tasks and obligations of each. We will then inform you of the role of the Interior Designer, his or her specific tasks, and the limits of the tasks to be respected in the Private Jet environment.

After the last module, you will have the Module 1 Exam to pass at 80% to unlock the next module, module 2.


I invite you to join me in the following lessons and to meet your Instructors!