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Private Jet Senior Interior Designer & Instructor

Marie-Lise Baron

Hello dear Designers and Architects,

Welcome to the Private Jet industry’s first and most unique online program in the world and congratulations on your decision to join our training!

This course is designed to be an educational learning experience and will teach you how to create almost any type of Private Jet interior, from a simple to a complex project.  Our program is based on one aircraft type. However, during the course, we will review a few existing aircraft types and see how this program will be helpful in the application of spaceship capsule interior design, a rapidly developing market.

In this Welcome session, you will learn in these documents to download, how this training will work, how the Learndash platform works, and the methodology to complete my training. I will also explain all the steps to follow to complete the modules from one to eight, which will be combined with coaching and exams.

I will explain how our walk-in clinics work, which you will also have access to, and which are included in the service offer. If you need private coaching, you can also have a short tutorial to help you get started. I am always available for you in private by appointment.

Afterward, you will have a lesson on shared folders for your projects to learn how to bridge the gap between you and me using the Google Drive application.

I invite you to download these documents to follow the steps as a reference if you need help.

  • How Learndash Works
  • How our Walk-in Clinic Works
  • How to make an Appointment with your Instructors
  • How to share your Work & Documents

You can click on the ”completed” button to view the following videos.

To unlock and view the following lessons, please always mark them as completed for each lesson you take. 

If you need assistance and have any questions about how the institute works, or if you have any personal issues to discuss, please feel free to contact us via our email address

I look forward to working with you during your training and hopefully bringing you new and exciting contracts and generating income differently than before, allowing you to make a living from your passion.


Let’s start and see you in Module 1!

Steps to use Learndash and take the course