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of luxury & private jets

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Imagine your Dream Career as an Interior Designer in the Amazing World of Private Jets!

The International Design Institute of Luxury and Private Jets is the first and most unique
program in the world in this industry. The Institute provides captivating online education
to aspiring Private Jet Designers, specializing in the luxurious world of Private Jet
Design services to better serve the Global Aeronautic Industry.

The Instructors

Our instructors are working professionals and international top leaders with 35 years in the aviation industry.

Masters will guide you through your learning experience and help
you build new skills for an exciting career in the world of Luxury & Private Jets design!



Marie-Lise Baron is a French-Canadian designer renowned for her unique aeronautical, exclusive signature of commercial and residential design projects. She intensified her knowledge as she graduated from private classical studies in Quebec City and Montreal, Canada. Living her passion for this magnificent three-dimensional art, she created her own design firm to offer professional and aesthetic expertise in 1993.

In parallel, and for many years, she also transmitted her talent by contributing to the development of interior design classes as a teacher for the International Academy of Design and Technology of Montreal. In 2004, she supported the international company Fruits & Passion as Designer and Chief Project Manager for Canadian and international markets. She created many commercial projects and furniture, including one at Maison & Objet, in Paris. Marie-Lise Baron reached a higher level in design and architecture and developed an additional design specialty in interior and exterior design of aeronautical projects. Bombardier Aeronautic had the privilege to work with Marie-Lise Baron as she consolidated her reputation with her private jet customers with whom she now works as a private jet designer in her own design firm, Marie-Lise Baron.

In 2021, she founded THE BARON INSTITUTE, the International Design Institute of Luxury and Private Jets, which is the first and most unique program in the world in the Aerospace Industry, specializing in the luxurious world of Private Jet Design services. The Institute was founded to offer captivating online education to aspiring Private Jet Designers, to better serve the Global Aeronautic Industry.  In parallel, she became an External Consultant for Axiom Space and she is a member of the Space Tourism Community.

Determination & Loyalty

What allows Marie-Lise to offer such a unique and personalized art creation for each customer is not only her determination and loyalty, but also her high intuition to understand and meet one and all’s needs and aspirations. Put together with her personality, unique talent and outstanding dedication to each project, it makes her a reference, a person and a designer that can be trusted.


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April 3 2022

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Protocol & Etiquette

Michele’s poised professionalism with attention to detail has proven to be requested continuously in her aviation career.


  • CEO- Sterling Aviation Services Since January 2018
  • President ICFS Inc- December 1999 to January 2018
  • Safety Training Instructor and Training program Development since 1999
  • Instructor- Corporate Executive Service, Etiquette and Protocol since 1999
  • Advisor for Cabin Safety and Inflight Services to the Board of Directors CBAA- Since January 2016

Michele Mentink

Passionate, enterprising and idealistic, for over 20 years, Izabelle Moreau has excelled in communication and customer service. An energetic, entertaining spirit, Izabelle has cultivated her style through her presence as a ballerina and actress! Her globe-trotting traveller experience was acquired through corporate aviation as an executive flight crew member as well as having resided in Europe and Canada. Currently residing in Montreal, this mother of two balances ambitions between her work ethic and active lifestyle. A published author, business owner and accomplished runner having finished 2 Boston Marathons and graduate from L’Ecole Internationale d’Etiquette et Protocole with honors, Izabelle takes charge with passion, determination and perseverance.


  • Sterling Aviation Services (Flight Attendant) Since April 1996
  • Executive Service Training (Instructor)
  • Hospitality, and Etiquette Instructor Georgian College 2017-present

Izabelle Moreau

Make Your Dream Career A Reality!

Have you always dreamed of having an extraordinary Interior Design career in the Private Jets and the Ultra select Luxury Industries?

Imagine travelling around the world and being the expert who can respond to an Exclusive clientele’s unique requests.

Time flies! Join us, our unique Interior Design Master Class is for you!

Design Master Class

The International Design Institute of Luxury and Private Jets is the first and most unique program in the world in this industry. The Institute provides captivating online education to aspiring Private Jet Designers, specializing in the luxurious world of Private Jet Design services to better serve the Global Aeronautic Industry.

Our long-term vision and mission are to offer our expertise and all the training necessary to maintain a very high-level quality of each of the services in the aeronautics industry, with the experience of the Worldwide professional elites of the industry.


Our mission is to bring you, the new generation of Private Jet Designers, to develop your passion with experts in the Aviation and the Space Industry, bring you a higher level of design practices and stimulate in you the development of new environmental practices in the Private Jets and the Ultra Select Luxury Industry.

The technical knowledge transfer to selected talented worldwide students allows a deeper understanding of full aircraft interior options, the customer’s expectations, materials selection, quality standards and new practices.

Our Private Jet Interior Design Master Class, as well as our Etiquette & Protocol Classes, are offered to add to your basic knowledge acquired through regular courses in Interior Design, Industrial Design or Architecture, by providing you with additional expertise in designing Interiors of Business Jet.

We are builders, developers, designers who are passionate about business aviation. It’s our passion and we want to communicate our knowledge and vision of Luxury and Private Jets.

To Whom

To those dreaming of reaching new heights in your career while working in the Ultra Select and Luxurious Private Jets Industry!

Our unique Interior Design Master Class is for you!


  • Interior Designers
  • Industrial Designers
  • Architects

Our Master Class is for graduates from a recognized accredited learning institution worldwide, of either Interior Design, Industrial Design or Architecture as well as for graduates who have been practicing for a few years and wish to specialize in the field of Luxury and Interior Design of Private Jets.


  • Have an innate talent
  • Have a sense of refinement and detail
  • Be rigourous and perfectionist
  • Be a good listener
  • Be humble and have empathy
  • Know how to remain discreet, respect confidentiality and etiquette
  • Be respectful and open-minded to different cultures
  • Master the English language in writing and speaking
  • Speaking additional languages is an asset
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Love working in a team
  • Capable of travelling if your job requires it
  • Have superior communication skills

Master Class Assessment 

THE BARON INSTITUTE is the first and most unique program in the world in the Aerospace industry to offer a captivating online education and before submitting your application to our Design Master Class Program, you must pass the assessment.

Our program will lead you to develop an outstanding level of expertise. This knowledge and expertise will open doors for you to the world of Luxury and also give you the opportunity to meet the needs of the Elite. We must therefore validate if you meet all of the following requirements in this industry.

This assessment includes educational, experience, criminal and credit investigations made by professional firms on our behalf.

Investing in your education with the Master Class Private Jet Design Progam means you’ve finally chosen to enhance your designing career and bring it to new heights. “It feels good to have the final decision made to start planning my new career,” said a customer.

Should you have any additional questions about our Institute Master Class Program, please contact us at

Learn through the clouds!


  • Provide your valid Diploma in Interior Design, Industrial Design or Architecture from a recognized, Public or Private schools, College or University
  • Have no criminal record or criminal history in any country in the world. Evidence must be supplied via a police or government background check at our evaluation stage
  • Provide your Valid and Legal Passport
  • Provide your current address and contact information
  • Provide your updated Portfolio
  • Approved credit credentials
  • Speak English. Speaking additional languages is an asset
  • Interview

The Certification

With your Private Jet Interior Design certificate you will have the opportunity to be selected as a trained, certified, and highly qualified Designer in the amazing International Private Jet Industry by the most prestigious aviation companies in the world.

You will have the tools to create interiors of different Business Jet models, exterior painting models, luxurious accessories and implement teamwork with various experts in the Business Jet field.


  • Understand the Business Jets glossary
  • Read and correct drawings and related documents
  • Select the right materials, equipment and accessories for each application at the right moment
  • Understand the certification
  • Manage sample orders
  • Manage your travelling sample kits according to your customer
  • Meet with customers and present the projects to customers
  • Manage the Interior Design portion during the completion, with the project manager and different professionals
  • You will understand the different confidentiality protocols, etiquette practices and understand different cultures that you will be exposed to during your new career
  • Set up the photo shooting with the aircraft photographer for the interior, exterior and delivery event


  • Have a passing grade of 80% per module and for the final exam project


  • 12 Months


  • Limited places

VIP Exclusive Access Program

Via our VIP Program, following your graduation, we offer exclusive access to :

  • Our updated FAA certified materials library
  • Our updated sustainable & ecological luxurious materials library
  • Our Aerospace suppliers library
  • Our Collaborators
  • Our Aerospace webinars with Experts in Private Jets and Luxury Industry
  • A list of available jobs in different companies in the Aerospace Industry
  • Our Space introduction webinars with Space Architects and Experts for the future of Design
  • Continuous support from our Masters & Experts
  • Private support groups

Protocol & Etiquette ClasS

Our unique Protocol & Etiquette course is also offered outside the Private Jet Interior Design Master Class in order to bring additional knowledge to employees in the Private Jet field and also everyone who works with clients of many different cultures or the public. Our course raises protocol & etiquette standards to a very high level and teaches how to face different situations when the professionals meet their clients for a meeting or for dinner, or even for a conversation on the phone or email.

The importance of being able to offer excellence in the Private Jet Design service and in many professional fields is crucial and our top priority.

Training professionals with Protocol & Etiquette can make a big difference for your Client when it’s time to choose the person they want to work with and sign an agreement. You only have one chance to make a good impression!

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